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National Album Day returns on October 16th 2021, and this year the theme is 'Celebrating Women In Music'!

Broadcast partner BBC Sounds and audio partner Bowers & Wilkins both return, and everyone can celebrate National Album Day with loads of ways to get involved!

We'll be announcing more details over the summer, including our list of famous faces supporting National Album Day 2021, as well the special product being released to mark the occasion. 

Keep an eye on our website and across our social media channels for the latest info!

For more information please contact:

[email protected]

For press enquiries please contact
020 3327 7162

Please submit details about your National Album Day celebrations through this online form.

Remember, the information you provide here is how your event will be shown on our events page/ socials, so do check you're happy with the description before submitting. Some good points to remember...
    • Where will it be taking place?
    • What date and time? All-day, morning, or evening?
    • What makes your event exciting? 
    • Why should people come and get involved? 
    • Will there be any performers? If so, who?
    • Which albums will you be championing?
    • What can attendees expect?
    • Is there a poster you can add to your listing? If so, please e-mail to [email protected]