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Babybird - Ugly Beautiful

Babybird	- Ugly Beautiful

Babybird - Ugly Beautiful

The classic (anti) Britpop album issued on vinyl for the first time since its original 1996 release.

Contains 4 UK top 40 singles:

Candy Girl,



And the massive top 3 hit and radio favourite, You’re Gorgeous.

The LP will be included in National Album Day in October which this year is 90s themed and the album will be featured across NAD promo including the BBC.


A1. Goodnight

A2. Candy Girl

A3. Jesus Is My Girlfriend

A4. I Didn't Want To Wake You Up

B1. Dead Bird Sings

B2. Atomic Soda

B3. You're Gorgeous

B4. Bad Shave 2

C1. Cornershop

C2. King Bing

C3. You & Me

D1. 45 & Fat

D2. Too Handsome To Be Homeless

D3. July

D4. Baby Bird

Babybird	- Ugly Beautiful